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Warli Handtufted



Wool; Cotton

Handtufted rugs might have the look and feel of hand knotted carpets but are technically less complex, the pile yarn is wrapped around the cotton warp threads instead of being knotted. With the aid of a special needle, the craftsman threads and tufts (cuts) the weft into a woven base onto which the design has previously been transferred.

The weft is then fixed to the base with a coating of natural latex on the reverse of the carpet, which is then covered with a layer of heavy cotton canvas. The handtufted technique is suitable for intricate designs, but not as exclusive as the hand knotted technique. Handtufted carpets are extremely durable despite being less labour intensive than knotted carpets.


‘Matrix’ is a drop of signs which turns into a rug. A surface with no way or direction which can be placed limitless like a corroded floor. Handtufted hookwork carpet, 100% wools with canvas backing.

Dimensions: cms 200 x 200 / 170 x 240 / 200 x 300/ made to measure
Thickness: 25 mms
Weight: 4,5 Kgs/sqm

Design: Paolo Zani