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Mischioff AG




Wool; Silk

Synthetic dyes

Inspired by his own painting, designer and artist Dani Misio created the Circlism collection. The implementation of circles is one of the most difficult weaving tasks and needs to be made very carefully and accurate. Each circle is a work of art itself – as composition, the about 2'500 circles create own symmetries and arrangements. The rhythmic play of these arrangements is amplified by the use of the materials wool and silk.

Currently, the Circlism collections shows 18 different design and colour combinations. The precise implementation of the design and colour specifications requires a careful craftsmanship. Experienced weavers manufacture the rugs in a small Mischioff manufactory in Nepal entirely by hand – it takes about four month to finish one rug in the usual standard size of 300 x 230 centimeters.

Circlism CX17