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Silk; Wool

Synthetic dyes

The Mamlin Collection is the implementation of a long-term idea: Already about ten years ago, artists and Mischioff designer Dani Misio created a series of colored stripes paintings in oil on canvas and exhibited them in a well-known Zurich art gallery. The idea to transfer this artistic gradients to a modern and decorative rug collection has been long and hard work - until they could finally be brought to carpet this year.

The precise implementation of the predefined gradients, consisting of about ten to twelve different colors, requires a careful handcraft and a lot of experience. All steps are made entirely by hand in a modern Mischioff manufactory in Nepal; for a rug in the size of 300 x 230 centimeters three workers are weaving about 10-12 weeks, an additional month is necessary for finishing.

Mamlin MA10