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Reuber Henning

Franziska Reuber and Birgit Krah are the creative minds behind REUBER HENNING.

As a design team, they work conceptually, but also based on their intuition. Their rugs reflect their passion for traditional craftsmanship just as much as their love for interior design. Their rugs are sustainably produced, timeless team players that complement existing interiors.

Custom-made to your specifications

A REUBER HENNING rug adds the crowning touch to every interior. It is an expression of your personality and stands for luxury and longevity. As a team player, it connects individual elements and highlights your own particular style: a rug takes up colours and textures of furnishing fabrics, decorative items and beloved pieces of art and makes them shine. But it can also introduce a new stimulus and change the ambience.


Reuber Henning
Apostel-Paulus-Strasse 19
10825 Berlin

+49 30 32590145

Opening hours

by appointment

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