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Get the Label for Fair Trade in Handmade Carpets

Label STEP’s unique approach combines social and environmental standards with an appreciation for the art and culture of handmade carpets.

STEP envisions a sustainable carpet industry that positively affects the lives of workers and their families as well as prosperity along the value chain.

Licensed wholesale and retail partners proudly display their commitment to fair trade by including the STEP logo on their carpet labels and communication. They benefit from multiple advantages:


Good for your business, good for your weavers: A STEP certificate stands for compliance with the industry’s leading fair trade standards. It not only benefits workers but also opens new markets and communication opportunities.


Fair trade works: STEP not only monitors the production sites of your rugs, we actively support producers, weavers and workers in improving their situation. Fair trade working conditions and satis ed weavers have a positive effect on product quality.


We are your hands and your eyes on the ground: Our local staff constantly provide you with information and updates from your production sites. We build networks and trusted relationships to benefit your business.


Do the right thing: Teaming up with STEP is motivating for you and your staff. Customers get a good feeling in addition to a beautiful carpet. And weavers and workers benefit. Fair trade is a “win- win” grounded in business ethics. It future-proofs your business and those involved in making it strong.