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[Translate to EN:] CCIAN-Präsident Chhering Sherpa und STEP-Direktor Reto Aschwanden

Nepals Premierminister überreicht die Ernennungsurkunde

STEP Director appointed Brand Ambassador for Nepali Carpets

Nepal's producers of handmade carpets inaugurate the position of ‘Brand Ambassador’ by appointing Reto Aschwanden, Label STEP Managing Director, as the first such ambassador.  

Kathmandu, 4 December 2016. 

Label STEP Managing Director Reto Aschwanden has been named as the first brand ambassador for Nepali Handmade Carpets by The Central Carpet Industries Association of Nepal (CCIAN) during the association’s 26th Annual General Meeting on Sunday, December 4, 2016. Mr. Aschwanden’s formal appointment certificate as ‘Brand Ambassador’ was presented by the Prime Minister of Nepal, Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda). 

Handmade carpets are one of Nepal’s most important export commodities and thus a key pillar of the country’s economy with the industry providing a livelihood for approximately 50,000 workers and their families. ‘Nepal has earned itself a strong position as a leader in the international market for high-end, contemporary handmade carpets’, says Reto Aschwanden. ‘Carpets are not only on the forefront of the global reputation of the country’s creative industries, but when produced under fair trade conditions, they are also a key motivator and engine for the economic development of Nepal.’

The Brand Ambassador will promote handmade carpets from Nepal in the international markets and media and represent the industry at trade shows. 

The fair trade initiative Label STEP has been working with CCIAN for many years to improve working conditions and ensure the industry’s sustainability. The association’s President, Chhiring Sherpa, thanked Label STEP for their long-standing support and encouraged Mr. Aschwanden to continue the commitment for fair conditions in carpet production and trade.