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Warli Handloom



Wolle; Kunstfaser

'Handloom ' is a type of carpets whose production is made on a loom by entirely manual weaving operations. The set of processes makes possible a great variety of patterns and complex manufactures which can rarely be replicated on automatic looms. The design of each new carpet is reworked by Warli’s weavers, to which follows the dyeing and the positioning of the yarns in the warp and weft according to the models designed by the designers. For Warli 'handloom' is synonym of rugs with innovative and functional design, made according to a distinctive language of rigorous style, formal use of the color and quality of production.


Handloom rug. 50% non dyed handspun new zealand wool, 50% viscose. Woven border with a different texture.

Dimensions: cms. 200 x 200 / 170 x 240 / 200 x 300 / made to measure.
Thickness: 10 mms
Weight: 3,5 Kgs/sqm 

Design: Paolo Zani