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Warli Dhurries


Kelim (handgewebt)


Ungefärbt; Synthetische Farben

A dhurrie rug is a form of hand weaving very similar to “kilim”. It is made up exclusively of warp and weft, woven and not knotted. It is also called “flat weave”. The pattern or design is created solely by the weft which covers the warp. It does not allow for complicated patterns or textured surfaces as the other techniques do. This may at first appear as a limitation. But Warli has evolved the original technique by introducing additional threads to the basic wool weft (low-pile). The pattern is produced by this secondary high pile in viscose. The carpet is backed with the same latex and cotton canvas method as the hand tufted carpets.


Handwoven 'dhurrie', hi-low pile. New zealand dyed and non dyed wools.

Dimensions: cms. 170 x 240 / 200 x 200 / 200 x 300 / made to measure
Thickness: 6-12 mms
Weight: 2 Kgs/sqm

Design: Paolo Zani