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Gabbeh Flora and Fauna





Trees, flowers and animals (principally lions) are design themes that are used by tribal women to weave some of Zollanvari’s most original Gabbehs. The weavers are given patterns and colour ranges (often inspired by ancient and archaic patterns such as the ‘Tree of Life’) but have a free hand in producing these works of woven art using their imaginations and the traditional design vocabulary passed down through each new generation of weavers. This makes each Gabbeh unique and individual.

Starfish in blue

Zollanvari continue to find inspiration in nature for their Studio Design collections. In terms of colours and hues Starfish in Blue from the Underwater Collection has been inspired by the blues and aqua of crystalline waters that allow one to glimpse the wonders of sea life in the deepest of seabeds. The overall visual effect is enhanced by a multidimensional shimmering texture reminiscent of the golds and warm hues of sunrises and sunsets. The Underwater Collection was launched at DOMOTEX Hannover 2019.